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Drupal Web Managers/Content Editors Group Created

on Tue, 04/26/2011 - 08:31

After participating in several discussions concerning Web Managers and Content editors, see Kronda's post and my response, I was encouraged by Dave H. to create a group for web managers and content editors on 

Initially I was asked by a groups moderator if the need could be served by the community group. Before I had time to respond, the group grew and people's comments indicated a pent-up desire for a space for support, discussion and shared problem-solving for the many Drupal web managers and content editors.

In two weeks the group has grown from one to 42 members and counting... indicating there was an under-served community, one that has needs a little different from developers and site builders.

Web managers/Content Editors may or may not have support contracts with the  Drupal developers who built their websites. If they don't (and even if they do), they need a place to find support when issues arise that they haven't yet experienced. And to learn best practices in order to keep their sites running smoothly.

We have drawn the interest of UX, Design4Drupal, the Prairie Initiative, and others interested in providing a better experience for everyone on which is very exciting. 

So, if you are a Drupal Web Manager, Content Administrator, Content Editor or whatever else you might be called, and would like to help and be helped, please join us in the Web Managers/Content Editors group. If you are new to the first step will be to register on the main site. Then head over to the Web Managers/Content Editors group and register again with the same user name. That helps link the accounts.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

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